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$350 Moto X is back, thanks to The Today Show

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Moto X in hand (1024px)
Moto X in hand (1024px)

If you didn't get a chance to buy an off-contract Moto X for just $350 on Cyber Monday because of technical issues or supply constraints, you might not have totally missed out. Motorola is offering a very similar promotion today, courtesy of The Today Show. Today's program offered viewers a special code that they could redeem for a huge discount on the flagship smartphone, and you might be able to get in on the action as well. Assuming supplies last, you can get 50 percent off a new Moto X on a two-year contract, or $150 off the price of an off-contract phone. Simply go to Motorola's site and sign up for the deal of your choice using "todayshow50" as your code, and if all goes well you'll get a link to the Moto Maker website where you'll have four days to customize your phone and receive the discount.

Motorola says the promotion will expire tomorrow night at 8PM ET or when supplies expire, whichever is sooner, but we'd expect those supplies to run out long before that date. The company's previous $350 Moto X offers sold out in a matter of minutes.