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Chromecast plays nice with AllCast again

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Chromecast (1024px)
Chromecast (1024px)

When Google's $35 Chromecast HDMI dongle offered a simple, affordable way to sync streaming content like Netflix and Youtube between a smartphone and a television, developer Koushik Dutta saw a chance. He created AllCast, an app that could augment those streaming services with media that users already owned, beaming pictures, audio and video files to the Chromecast. Just days after release, Google blocked that app, forcing Dutta to focus on DLNA-capable devices instead. Today, however, AllCast and Chromecast are back together again.

In a Google+ post, Dutta writes that one of Google's own Chromecast developers actually just reached out to inform him that the Chromecast would support his app once more, adding the missing Android media router framework he needed in the brand new Chromecast SDK. He says it took him "maybe 20 minutes" to get the app playing nice with Chromecast again. The app is a free download in the Google Play store if you want to give it a spin, though Dutta says that support for Chromecast "is very much in beta," and you'll need to download the latest Google Play Services package as well.

You can also see a quick demonstration in the video below.