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What we shot with a truly pocketable Game Boy Camera.

Sure, it looks cool, but what can you do with a mini Game Boy Camera? Vjeran and I hit the streets of San Francisco to capture a few landmarks. Want one? The DIY design is ready if you’ve got fine soldering skills!

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses hands-on: in pursuit of content

Unlike the original, I kind of see where Meta’s going with its second-gen smart glasses.

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally where it should have been from the start

Cyberpunk 2077 still has its issues, but with update 2.0 and the new Phantom Liberty expansion, it’s much better now.

This $459 Bambu A1 Mini is almost the ‘easy button’ of 3D printers

Hands-on: Bambu’s first mini might show the future of consumer 3D printing.

The new GoPro can give you Mrs. Incredible arms (or, you know, huge field of view).

Becca goes all elastic to show off the Max Mod 2. It’s a $100 interchangeable lens that’s the most exciting part of the $400 GoPro Hero 12 Black — because it adds a 177-degree field of view.

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max hands-on

The high-end iPhones still look like iPhones, but this is no warmed-over iPhone 14 Pro. It has new buttons, new ports, and a new body.

Red Alert! Red Alert! Philips Hue’s new security system can light up your home like the Starship Enterprise.

The company’s Hue Secure security cameras sync with its smart lighting to flash red lights throughout your home if there’s a breach and sound a siren. But I don’t think they can lock down the bridge.

Here’s my hands-on on with the new hardware from the launch event at IFA 2023 and you can read more about the Hue Secure features (or lack of them) here.

LG’s suitcase TV in the proverbial flesh.

“This would have been the coolest gadget ever if it was released in 1995,” says Jon. 27 inches, 1080p, three-hour battery. $999, shipping mid-October or maybe possibly September.