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UK TiVo users the latest to get Spotify access on set-top boxes

Virgin Media TiVo
Virgin Media TiVo

Virgin Media TiVo users in the UK will soon be the latest with Spotify access. A software update is rolling out to a pilot group of 3,500 subscribers that enables Spotify integration, among other new features like an iOS app for managing your TiVo (but only when both devices are hooked to the same wireless router). While this update is currently available only for a select few, Virgin Media promises its customers they'll all have access to this new software "well before Christmas."

This comes just a few weeks after Western Digital's WD TV Live launched with Spotify support; shortly after, Boxee Box announced a basic Spotify app. Just like Western Digital and Boxee, TiVo's Spotify integration will require a premium subscription. After the Facebook deal, the living room may be Spotify's biggest advantage against other streaming music services — look what set-top box ubiquity did for Netflix streaming.