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Bendable remote control makes watching TV more complicated

Murata Bendable Remote
Murata Bendable Remote

Murata first announced its Leaf Grip remote a few weeks ago, but we're now seeing video of it in action from CEATEC 2011 - it's a strange marriage of innovation and inconvenience. The innovation comes through its interface: instead of boring old buttons or touchscreens, Murata's put together a bendable remote control.

The technology behind the Leaf Grip is pretty unconventional -- the body of this remote is comprised of two piezoelectric films; one detects "twists" while the other detects "bends." Different combinations of twists, shakes, and bends provide standard TV controls like volume and channel up/down, switching inputs, or powering on/off. However, Murata only refers to this as a conceptual design, and plans for production aren't clear, which might be for the best - check out a quick hands-on from Ubergizmo after the break and you'll see why.