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DirecTV wins subscribers from NFL Sunday Ticket, plans to add more features soon

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DirecTV's Q3 report shows a record increase in new subscribers

Deion Sanders DirecTV Ad
Deion Sanders DirecTV Ad

It looks like those ads hawking a free year of NFL Sunday Ticket to new DirecTV subscribers have been worth the effort. In its third quarter results, DirecTV reported today that it has added 327,000 subscribers in the United States for a total of 1.14 million new subscribers (the difference is accounted for by DirecTV's Latin American operations), setting a quarterly record for net new subscribers. David White, the president and CEO of DirecTV, said in a statement that the company plans to retain and continue gaining users with the introduction of an improved DirecTV Anywhere program, a new HD guide, and its receiver-free Home Media Center server. Hopefully the promise of an increased user base will help get these additions to us sooner rather than later!