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HP Wireless TV Connect refreshed, available next month for $179.99 (hands-on)

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HP's Wireless TV Connect streamer is refreshed and now has a much smaller footprint and 3D media support.

HP Wireless TV Connect 3D
HP Wireless TV Connect 3D

HP announced today that its Wireless TV Connect HDMI streamer will be getting a refresh. The new updated version bests the original with a smaller footprint and support for 3D media. Like its predecessor, the device has two components: a transmitter and a receiver. The former is now a radically scaled down HDMI dongle with an USB cable. The latter, which has been shrunk a bit as well, still connects to your television via HDMI. This duo allows you to stream 1080p HD content and 7.1 audio from across the room with "virtually no lag," according to HP. We got a chance to see the new Wireless TV Connect in action a few weeks ago, and true to HP's claim it seemed to transmit the video signal almost immediately. The streamer uses WHDI and works with almost all HDMI devices. HP says it'll release the updated version in December at a price of $179.99. See the gallery below for some more hands-on pictures and a press shot.

Joanna Stern contributed to this report.