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Syabas announces new Popcorn Hour C-300 media streamer

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Syabas has announced the Popcorn Hour C-300, an update to its Blu-ray capable media streamer.

Syabas Popcorn Hour C-300
Syabas Popcorn Hour C-300

Syabas has announced the Popcorn Hour C-300, the latest addition to its line of networkable media streamers. Popcorn Hour devices collect your videos, photographs, and music from their disparate sources and deliver the content to your television under a single, unified interface. While the spec-bumped A-300 was announced back in October, those requiring Blu-ray support had been left with the older C-200 as their only option. The C-300 now offers the same 800MHz Sigma SMP8647 as its A-series sibling, along with 1080p playback, a built-in color TFT display, Gigabit Ethernet, and support for both RF and IR remote controls. It will also automatically fetch subtitles in 22 different languages for your video files, and of course, you get access to the Popcorn Hour Apps Market (though there's still no Angry Birds... yet).

To take advantage of the Blu-ray 1.3 software support, you'll need to install a drive into the expansion bay, or you can load a hard drive, turning the device into a full-fledged networked media solution. Priced at $349 (€379 in the EU), the C-300 clearly isn't aimed at the casual consumer, but if you're looking to put your collection under one virtual roof, it will be shipping by the end of the year.