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Lovefilm to offer streaming access to ABC's TV On Demand service in UK

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Amazon's Lovefilm service partners with Disney UK to provide access to ABC's TV On Demand content.

Lost promo
Lost promo

Amazon's Lovefilm subscription video on-demand service is adding a number of top US TV shows to its existing content. The latest deal sees Lovefilm partnering with Disney UK to stream shows like Lost and Castle initially; other hits such as Desperate Housewives, Happy Endings, and Grey's Anatomy will be launched "later in the year" according to Amazon. Shows will be made available as full seasons after their first run on UK television, while previous seasons of some series will be streamable before the next season airs on TV. The programmes are part of an ABC-branded on-demand entertainment service, originally launched in the UK on BT Vision.

Lovefilm recently inked streaming deals with Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers UK, ITV, and BBC Worldwide — part of a push to provide more content for subscribers. Netflix, Lovefilm's American rival, launched in the UK and Ireland last week, priced at £5.99. Lovefilm was quick to respond to the launch by dropping its price for a streaming-only subscription to just £4.99. Netflix extended a similar agreement with the ABC-Disney Television Group in the US recently, to retain access to shows like Desperate Housewives, Lost, and Grey's Anatomy. We're now expecting to see Netflix reply to Lovefilm's latest UK deal, an inevitable result of the competition between the pair.