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Craftsman puts 220W speakers and Bluetooth in your tool chest

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Craftsman unveils a Bluetooth-enabled Contour tool chest with a 220W speaker system.

Craftsman Bluetooth toolchest
Craftsman Bluetooth toolchest

If you've always wanted Bluetooth in your tool chest then look no further. Craftsman introduced its latest tool storage system at CES this year, and it includes a built-in Bluetooth-equipped stereo system with 220W twin-speakers. The Contour Powered Series Tool Storage, driven by mains electricity, also features a charging station to keep up to four tools or gadgets juiced up during work time.

DIY fans will be pleased to hear that the unit includes 16 drawers that provide a total of 27,245 cubic inches of space for storing tools across both chests. If you're already making up excuses to convince the spouse that it's a deal, pause for a moment as the unit won't be available until the second quarter of this year and a price has not yet been set. Still, there's no harm in fixing that dripping tap while you wait, except it won't be as fun as blasting out 220W of Bluetooth audio during your DIY activities.