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Lovefilm now available on LG Smart TVs

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Amazon's Lovefilm streaming video service is heading to LG Smart TVs.

LG Lovefilm
LG Lovefilm

Amazon's Lovefilm subscription video on-demand service took its next competitive step today. Lovefilm is working with LG to bring its video streaming service to the company's Smart TV platform. The move is a first for LG, bringing the first film and TV subscription streaming app to a list of over 250 applications in the UK. Lovefilm is currently available on a number of Samsung and Sony TVs, 175 devices in total including games consoles and Blu-ray players, so this expansion helps LG compete against its rivals.

Speaking of competition, Lovefilm revealed a number of deals with content providers recently — around the same time that Netflix launched in the UK. The company announced a streaming deal with ABC earlier this week that sees shows like Lost and Castle available for customers, and it also inked deals with Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers UK, ITV, and BBC Worldwide recently. The pressure is clearly on for Lovefilm following the UK Netflix launch, and the company was quick to respond to its rival by dropping the price of a streaming-only subscription to just £4.99. Although the LG TV deal was announced today, there's no indication on the timing for the application, so if you're an LG TV owner you might want to hold on to your £4.99 a little longer.

Update: LG has contacted us to confirm that the Lovefilm application is now available for its Smart TVs.