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'Completely Wireless' 55-inch LCD TV uses WHDI, lacks a power plug

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Haier demoed a 55-inch LCD TV that has no cables connected to it. It has wireless power and WHDI connectivity. It's not planned for release.

Haier Wireless TV
Haier Wireless TV

You might be wondering why you're looking at the rear-end of a TV instead of its glossy front. That's because what's notable about this set isn't its panel or its thinness: it's that it doesn't have any cables connected to it. Like a similar model from a couple of years ago, this Haier TV gets its video content over WHDI and it's wirelessly powered by magnetic resonance. Of course, the system isn't truly wireless; Tech-On reports that the TV needs to stay in place no more than 8-inches above the (wired) power transmitter. You're probably going to need a WHDI dongle like HP's Wireless TV Connect for your laptop or set-top-box so you can stream video to the television, too. Haier has no plans to release the 55-inch 3D LCD TV, so you're just going to have to continue to live with cables for now.