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Good Deal: 24-inch Dell IPS LED monitor for $265

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Today only, 24-inch Dell IPS LED monitor for $265 from

Dell U2412M Good Deal
Dell U2412M Good Deal

Today's Good Deal features a 24-inch Dell IPS monitor for only $265 with free shipping. The Dell U2412M includes E-IPS technology, so it's good at handling wide viewing angles but isn't the latest and greatest IPS type out there, which might be why we're seeing it at this price. Usually retailing for around $350, the U2412M has a 16:10 aspect ratio, 1920 x 1200 resolution, and an 8ms response time. DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA are all present too. You won't be able to return this monitor if you change your mind, only if it's not working properly, but it does include a three-year warranty. It's available, from, at this price until midnight (ET) tonight.

Update: Sadly this one didn't last long. As of 9AM ET, the monitor is sold out.