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Simple.TV streams broadcast HDTV to connected devices for $149

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Combining the functionality of DVR and Slingbox, Simple.TV will ship in the spring, retailing for $149.

Simple.TV DVR
Simple.TV DVR

One downside of media streaming devices is the lack of live content. Cord-cutters looking for, say, live sports, have to find other options. At CES 2012, Simple.TV announced one solution, a combination DVR and streaming converter. High-definition broadcast feeds can be stored on a USB 2.0 hard drive or streamed as MPEG-4; Buffalo Inc.'s ViXS XCode 4210 chip powers the device, producing a highly compressed stream compatible with the iPad, Roku box, Google TV, or Boxee Box. The stream will also work with standard web browsers, and the DVR supports network storage as well, offering another option for video archiving. According to the company, the Simple.TV will ship in the spring, retailing for $149.