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Xbox Music app updated with free streaming, SmartGlass fully launches on Windows 8 this week

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smartglass dance dance
smartglass dance dance

Microsoft confirmed Tuesday that its Xbox SmartGlass companion app will launch with full functionality on Windows 8. The app will be built-in to the "Games" section on Windows 8 and RT PCs and tablets, which are launching on October 26th. Microsoft released an updated version of SmartGlass this week, alongside an updated Xbox Music app that offers free streaming and a Pandora-like Radio DJ feature. The apps come as Microsoft begins pushing out its updated dashboard, which is slated to roll out across the world today.

Last week's Xbox Live dashboard update added SmartGlass support to the Xbox 360, though Friday's launch will see the app gain full functionality across Windows 8 PCs and tablets, allowing users to use their devices as second screens while watching movies and TV or listening to music. As demonstrated in the video below, you can also use the app to control games or browse the web on your TV, via Internet Explorer.

Microsoft has already secured commitment from prominent app developers, as well, including ESPN, HBO Go, and NBA Game Time. The company says it will eventually offer support for Android and iOS devices, though for now, SmartGlass will only be available on Windows 8.