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Netflix 'Just for Kids' finally released on Xbox 360

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Netflix has finally released its "Just or Kids" TV section on the Xbox 360.

Netflix just for kids
Netflix just for kids

After coming to the Wii, PS3, and the Apple TV, Netflix Just for Kids has finally arrived on the Xbox 360. Just for Kids is a separate area for children 12 and under that contains shows with appropriate content for tikes. In an effort to make navigation easier for kids, the shows can be arranged into a character row featuring each show's protagonist or organized into child-centric categories. Netflix is pitching the Just for Kids section as a way to give parents peace-of-mind about the content their kids are watching, but in our tests we weren't able to find a way to use parental controls to lock the regular side of Netflix. Even so, if you've got a youngster looking for some commercial-free shows to watch, the Just for Kids section is live on Xbox 360's right now.