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Juul launches a Bluetooth e-cigarette that tracks how much you vape

A sleep expert talks insomnia, dreams, and the neuroscience of slumber

Elon Musk unveils Neuralink’s plans for brain-reading ‘threads’ and a robot to insert them

Not for humans yet

If you bought influencer bathwater, could you test it for DNA?

Amazon’s Alexa will deliver NHS medical advice in the UK

These superbug-fighting viruses are making a comeback

Watch fireworks obliterate mannequins on the National Mall in wild safety demonstration

Data from health apps offers opportunities and obstacles to researchers

Google accused of inappropriate access to medical data in potential class-action lawsuit

San Francisco is set to ban Juul and other e-cigarette sales in 2020

Beyond Meat’s success may mean more fake food is on the way

Another study finds teen suicide rates rose just after 13 Reasons Why debut

It’s easier to donate your body to science than your medical records

Richard Preston on legacy of The Hot Zone and the future of Ebola outbreaks

Amazon preparing a wearable that ‘reads human emotions,’ says report

Can efforts to bottle MDMA’s magic transform psychiatry?

Google is trying to eliminate misleading ads from anti-abortion clinics

Twitter fights vaccine misinformation with new search tool

Economist Emily Oster explains the science of parenting

Weight gain in rural areas is responsible for a lot of the global rise in obesity

Read a comic about the history of biological warfare from the author of World War Z

People with depression feel better after listening to sad music, research suggests

New York state is allowing early vaccination for infants to combat measles outbreaks

Why Big Tobacco and Big Vape love comparing nicotine to caffeine

The WHO’s new screen time limits aren’t really about screens

2019 has seen the most measles cases in 20 years, CDC says

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That mental health app might share your data without telling you

Marijuana legalization looks promising, but plenty of questions remain

Why Juul and Republican lawmakers want to raise the minimum vaping age

Binge-watching news of terror attacks creates a vicious cycle

Rigorous new study of employee wellness programs suggests they may not be very effective