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It’s time to study the health impacts of TikTok, researchers say

Elizabeth Holmes admitted to a key part of the case against her

Holmes confesses to a passion for graphic design

Elizabeth Holmes tells the jury that at least some of Theranos was real

"A success was that we had successfully achieved the objectives of the program."

Britain launches review of bias in medical devices

In her Theranos fraud case, Elizabeth Holmes is speaking for herself

FDA clears Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 boosters for all US adults

Today, jurors got to hear Elizabeth Holmes’ lies for themselves

In her own voice

Withings’ ScanWatch takes an extra step to start using its EKG

Medical photography is failing patients with darker skin

Theranos drained $96 million from an experienced investor — plus some blood

In their meetings, Elizabeth Holmes did most of the talking

VR treatment for chronic pain gets FDA authorization

Health apps and wearables help rich people the most, study finds

Elizabeth Holmes will take your $1.2 million but not your phone calls

We met an investor who won’t take a hint — or even a command

Last year’s record-breaking power outages are a red flag for public health 

Biden’s pick for FDA chief works at Google

TikTok tics are a symptom of a much bigger problem

Hospitals are at a high risk of cyberattacks, but patients don’t realize it

Withings’ ScanWatch with built-in EKG is finally available in the US

Elizabeth Holmes hired a bunch of experts so she could ignore them

It seems like the doctors were just at Theranos for show

Data used to build algorithms detecting skin disease is too white

Johnson & Johnson’s CEO joins Apple’s board

Pfizer says its antiviral pill reduces hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19

Apple reportedly will start phasing out mask requirements for US retail store customers

The FDA’s crackdown on unproven stem cell therapies isn’t working

White House vaccine and testing mandate doesn’t start until after the holidays

Happy Halloween! Theranos showed up in a Pfizer costume

With a logo on a memo and a little bit of language trickery, Theranos snookered rich investors

Go read this investigation on the toxic air crisis plaguing American communities

The unexpected health impacts of wearable tech

FDA clears Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages five to 11

Facebook isn’t telling the whole story about its mental health research

The company is attempting to minimize its own research

Theranos FOMO kept the DeVos family from doing its investment homework

US lays out new guidelines for vaccinated international travelers