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How Elizabeth Holmes sidelined the real scientists at Theranos

Making Elizabeth Holmes’ cringey texts public is the ultimate crime deterrent

Babies’ poop has way higher levels of microplastic than adults’

Most dermatology algorithms don’t have transparent data

Elizabeth Holmes ‘was in charge’ of Theranos, says Gen. Mattis

FDA clears Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine boosters for vulnerable groups

FTC resurrects a decade-old rule as a guardrail on the health app explosion

The first patient testimony about a Theranos test result: a miscarriage that wasn’t

A new cybersecurity center wants to protect medical devices against hacks

This stream has:

Elizabeth Holmes is on trial for fraud over her time at Theranos

iOS 15 will give doctors a window into Apple Health app data

How bad were Elizabeth Holmes’ 1AM emails?

Enough for workers to secretly save them

Digital messages from patients to doctors spiked during the pandemic

Why smartwatch-measured blood pressure still isn’t ‘ready for primetime’

How do you cross-examine a whistleblower?

Theranos lab assistant-turned-whistleblower Erika Cheung testifies in the Elizabeth Holmes wire fraud trial

The Holmes trial gets into the Excel nitty-gritty

But will the technical jargon overwhelm the jurors?

A doctor’s quest for more organ emoji

FDA has rejected nearly one million flavored e-cigarettes

Fraud, or just a failure? Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’s trial opening arguments

Who is Elizabeth Holmes, really?

Apple reportedly wants a Watch with more health tracking and could ship one next year

Strava’s live location tracking service is now free

COVID surge causes liquid oxygen problems for SpaceX, water utilities

Go read the harrowing story of the world’s first CO2 pipeline explosion

Google dismantles Health unit in favor of tried-and-tested ‘throw everything at the wall’ strategy

The Pfizer vaccine will be officially called Comirnaty, for some reason

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine gets full FDA approval

Samsung Pay wallet now lets you store a digital version of a COVID-19 vaccination card

VidCon cancels its 2021 event, says next one will be in June 2022

US COVID-19 data has never been good enough

The pandemic revealed the health risks of hospital ransomware attacks

Smartwatch-induced health anxiety led one woman to run 916 ECGs in a year

Jabra’s new true wireless earbuds are designed to help cope with hearing loss