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The Honda Accord has come a long way.

The 11th generation version of Honda’s stalwart four-door sedan is getting a hybrid powertrain, a much bigger touchscreen (blergh), and built-in Google apps. It’s a reminder that Honda is co-developing vehicles with General Motors, which is also releasing vehicles with native Google applications.

It also shows just how far the Accord has come over its extended lifespan. My first car was an ‘88 Accord, and I’m having some difficulty picturing that boxy beauty sitting alongside this highly polished gizmo.

Honda has a new logo for the EV age.

The new Prologue EV has a new Honda wordmark on the back, which is fun and cyberpunk-y in the way that monospaced fonts can be fun and cyberpunk-y. Apparently this is the new branding for Honda’s EVs, which will also get a little blue “e” badge so everyone knows you’re running on electrons under the hood.

Honda’s new logo for EVs on the Prologue
Honda’s new logo for EVs on the Prologue.

A robot bought my seven-year-old car for more than I paid brand-new

Carvana gave me more than I ever dreamed it was worth — how?