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Honda teases upcoming Prologue, its first electric SUV to be sold in the US

GM and Honda expanding their partnership to develop ‘millions’ of affordable EVs in 2027

A robot bought my seven-year-old car for more than I paid brand-new

Carvana gave me more than I ever dreamed it was worth — how?

Older Honda and Acura models hit by Y2K22 bug that resets clocks 20 years in the past

Honda wants to use connected cars to identify hazardous road conditions

Honda is doubling down on rockets, robots, and flying cars

Honda will use Google’s embedded Android Automotive in its cars starting in 2022

Honda’s first electric SUV in the US will be called ‘Prologue’

Honda will phase out gas-powered cars by 2040

Honda plans to sell two electric SUVs in the US in the 2024 model year

Honda’s new Legend sedan will drive itself on busy highways in 2021

Honda recalls 608,000 vehicles for faulty software

Honda pauses production and closes offices following ransomware attack

Honda is making financial service workers go into the office during the pandemic

GM is working with Honda to build two new electric vehicles

Ford, GM, Fiat Chrysler join Honda in closing US factories to slow pandemic

DOJ drops antitrust probe into automakers that want cleaner cars


Exclusive look at Cruise’s first driverless car without a steering wheel or pedals

The Origin is the GM subsidiary’s first attempt to build an fully autonomous car from the ground up

Justice Department launches antitrust probe into four automakers around emissions deal with California

How to get Amazon packages delivered to the trunk of your car

The Honda e Prototype is here to steal European hearts

Honda’s adorable EV prototype is looking more and more like a real car

Honda covered a lawn mower, power generator, and some cars in gold

GM’s Cruise will get $2.75 billion from Honda to build a new self-driving car

George Hotz is on a hacker crusade against the ‘scam’ of self-driving cars

Honda retires its famed Asimo robot

Honda’s Urban EV Concept is even more adorable in the flesh

Driverless minivans, electric race cars, and luxury coupes: our favorite rides of 2017

Honda’s cute new robot concepts only want to help

Honda is using Facebook to find owners affected by Takata airbag recall

Honda needs to make this cute electric sports car

ScreenDrive: The 2018 Honda Odyssey turns the screens on your passengers