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The real virus was all the inkjet cartridges we DRM’d along the way.

HP CEO Enrique Lores on live television, addressing a class-action lawsuit against his company for blocking third-party ink:

“We have seen that you can embed viruses in the cartridges.”

Ars Technica, while basically calling bullshit, explains: “HP argued that ink cartridge microcontroller chips, which are used to communicate with the printer, could be an entryway for attacks.”

Maybe stop putting smart DRM chips into cartridges, then? Also, read this.

Wi-Fi 7 quietly took off while everyone was looking at AI

There may not have been any splashy router announcements, but Wi-Fi 7 hit laptops all over the place.

A Chromebook for Gen Z.

HP’s new Chromebook Plus devices aim to fulfill the needs of today’s young people — who are looking, HP has determined, for “technology that is flexible, adaptable, and delivers powerfully immersive experiences, while keeping the planet in mind.”

The Plus, coming in 14-inch and 15.6-inch options, will feature 12th-Gen Intel processors, AI video conferencing tools. The 15-incher ($599.99) has a 144Hz screen option; the 14-incher ($749.99) has recycled material in the cover and hinge. Both go on sale October 8th.

A user holds the HP Chromebook Plus 14 in a kitchen.
This is the 14.
Image: HP
Pavilion Plus, but make it bigger.

HP is bringing a much welcome refresh to its Pavilion Plus line. The Pavilion Plus is a totally random assortment of features (OLED display, ultra-thin chassis, incredibly fancy webcam, an H-series processor) that really have no business being on the same device, and it is my favorite thing ever. (It’s also on our Best Budget Laptop list.)

There will be a 14-inch 2.8K model with both AMD and Intel options as well as a 16-inch 2.5K option with an Intel Core i7 and Nvidia RTX 3050. The former’s hitting shelves in September starting at $849.99; we’ll see the latter in October for $999.99.

A user takes a video call on the Pavilion Plus 14.
Don’t mind me. Just chatting. On my OLED Pavilion Plus 14.
Image: HP
Pay no attention to the USB port behind the “no USB” sticker.

Is covering a printer’s USB port with a sticker to push people into wireless printing the worst thing HP does with its hardware? Not remotely. Is it still pretty funny to watch someone just take off the sticker and plug their printer in? I think so.

HP’s Dragonfly Chromebook is a computer without a market.

Monica Chin published her review of the HP Dragonfly Chromebook today, a computer I’ve been excited about ever since it was announced at CES back in January.

Sadly, while the hardware is incredible, the experience ChromeOS provides just doesn’t align with the stratospheric price tag HP is asking. It makes me wonder — who does it think is going to buy this thing?

Best Chromebook 2023: The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook open. The screen displays The Verge homepage.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge


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The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook is incredible — with one big problem

Beautiful chassis, fast processor, great screen, and software that doesn’t keep up