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Intel’s Mobileye will launch a robotaxi service in Germany in 2022

Intel shows off its answer to Nvidia’s DLSS, coming to Arc GPUs in 2022

Intel previews its Alder Lake chip, promises hybrid CPUs for desktops and laptops

Water shortages loom over future semiconductor fabs in Arizona

Say goodbye to Intel’s RealSense tech by remembering its incredible demos

Intel enters the PC gaming GPU battle with Arc

Arc is the new brand for Intel’s gaming GPUs

Intel leak reveals Thunderbolt 5 could offer 80Gbps USB-C ports

The shadow of the chip shortage is looming over tech’s big quarter

This is Beast Canyon, the evolution of Intel’s modular mini gaming PC

The summer Intel fell behind

Looking back a year later at Intel’s worst summer, and how it’s been fighting its way back since

Intel will make Qualcomm chips in new foundry deal

Intel has a new architecture roadmap and a plan to retake its chipmaking crown in 2025

All the news from Intel Acclerated

Intel teases plan to speed up chip advancements

Intel’s new NUC comes with 11th gen CPUs and space for a full-size graphics card

Intel’s Mobileye begins testing autonomous vehicles in New York City

Intel is reportedly in talks to buy the $30 billion foundry company AMD spun off a decade ago

Windows 11’s Intel-powered Android apps will run on AMD and Arm processors, too

The chip shortage will likely get worse before it gets better

Intel’s latest 11th Gen processor brings 5.0GHz speeds to thin and light laptops

Acer Swift 3X review: not quite swift enough

The Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel is the dream computer I’ll never own

Here are all the new laptops with Intel 11th Gen H-series chips announced today

Asus’ new Zephyrus M16 has a 16:10 screen and Intel Tiger Lake H processor

Dell’s new XPS 15 and XPS 17 get upgraded with Intel’s long-awaited 11th Gen H-series chips

Chip manufacturer TSMC warns shortages could continue through 2022

Intel hopes to start making chips for car companies within six to nine months

Intel’s Mobileye will launch a fully driverless delivery service in 2023

Today I learned about Intel’s AI sliders that filter online gaming abuse


When will the global chip shortage end so you can finally buy a PS5?

And what has to be done to prevent a future shortage?

Intel’s 11th Gen Core i9 processor boosts Microsoft Flight Simulator by 20 percent

Intel invests $20 billion into new factories, will produce chips for other companies

Intel’s version of a MacBook Pro looks even better than a real one