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Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami on why the web isn’t dying after all

The co-founder of website builder Wix is embracing generative AI, and he’s not too worried that it might destroy the business models of the web.

The Verge
“If I were highly skilled enough to use PowerPoint, I could retire and become a professor full-time.”

That’s Tom Hiddleston, speaking to The Verge just ahead of the premiere of the first season of Loki on Disney Plus in 2021. It’s an interesting conversation — touching on everything from Loki lectures to the existence of free will — and it’s especially fun to revisit it as the show’s second season starts streaming today.

Nothing CEO Carl Pei on the Phone 2, AI, and the future of gadgets

Nothing wants to invent the future. But you don’t get to invent the future if you can’t first make it in the smartphone biz.

Why would anyone make a website in 2023? Squarespace CEO Anthony Casalena has some ideas

Squarespace has lived through the eras of domain squatting, SEO keywords, and social algorithms and is now launching AI tools. Here’s what’s next for the 20-year-old company.

How The Witcher explores its own history through fashion, architecture, and weapons

The minds behind the show’s visual design explain how they built a world that spans more than a thousand years in time.

Why Instagram is taking on Twitter with Threads

The ‘volatility’ of Twitter under Elon Musk has opened a window to compete. It’s a ‘risky’ bet worth trying, says Instagram boss Adam Mosseri.

How Jsaux rode the Steam Deck to escape the Amazon wilderness

A Chinese accessory maker with an alphabet-soup name struck while the iron was hot. Now, it wants to be the next Anker.

BlackBerry director Matt Johnson on why the iPhone won and why most tech movies suck

‘It’s so weird to see, now, a culture trying to recapture whatever it was that the BlackBerry was trying to do at first.’

This is how Titmouse’s animators brought their 5 Second Night short films to life

Animation house Titmouse’s artists open up about participating in the studio’s 5 Second Night showcase.