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Judge buys Rittenhouse lawyer’s inane argument that Apple’s pinch-to-zoom manipulates footage

Brydge’s 11-inch Max Plus iPad keyboard is now available

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Here are the best iPad deals right now

The 2021 iPad Pro has dropped to its lowest price yet

Luna Display can now turn your iPad into a second screen for Windows devices


iPad Mini 2021 review: a little different

Here’s how the $329 iPad compares to its last-gen predecessor

iOS 15 is here, but we’re still waiting on a few new features

Where art thou, AirPods?


Only one tablet has survived the rise and fall of the tablet craze — mostly unscathed, that is— and that’s the Apple iPad. First launched in 2010, the original iPad mostly served as a larger iPhone, but without calling capabilities. And with no front-facing camera, you couldn’t even place video calls. Fast forward almost a decade and Apple’s tablet lineup are bonafide laptop replacements for some. Apple has adapted the iPad in form, function, and overall cost in such a way that it’s become the no-brainer tablet purchase.

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iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 review: foundational fixes

Apple’s latest updates lay good groundwork, but don’t add many big new features

How to preorder Apple’s new iPad and iPad Mini

Here’s how the new iPad Mini compares to the last-gen model

The iPad Mini doesn’t support mmWave 5G

How to install the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 public betas

Back up your data first


The 8 biggest announcements from Apple’s iPhone 13 event

Apple is releasing iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on September 20th

All-new iPad Mini announced with 5G, USB-C, and larger 8.3-inch display

No Mini LED, unfortunately

Moment’s new video-coloring app Grain will let you take handcrafted presets to other apps

Adobe is bringing the Magic Wand tool to Photoshop for iPad

GarageBand can now help you remix tracks from Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa

Apple’s controversial Safari redesign is now optional in the latest iPadOS 15 beta

iDOS 2 emulator gets App Store takedown notice

How to use Focus modes for notifications on iOS 15

Redesigned iPad Mini reportedly on track to launch this fall

Mini LED display reportedly coming to 11-inch iPad Pro next year


iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 preview: a first look at Apple’s latest software

The 12.9 Max Plus is Brydge’s best iPad keyboard yet

Is the biggest trackpad the best?

Logitech’s improved Combo Touch keyboard will be available for the fourth-gen iPad Air in July

Apple says you can build apps on an iPad now, but devs say the reality is trickier

It’s not a developer’s tool yet, but it might be soon

New iPad Pro ad features classic song from The Little Mermaid

The best features of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS that Apple didn’t announce onstage

Spoiler alert: some really cool stuff wasn’t onstage


How Universal Control on macOS Monterey works

It’s simpler — and cleverer — than I expected

Apple may have done the coolest drag and drop demo ever


Apple WWDC 2021: the 15 biggest announcements

Catch up on the news from Apple’s big developer conference

How to watch Apple’s WWDC 2021 keynote