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Over the past ten years, Apple’s iPhone has become the company’s most valuable —and recently, somewhat volatile— asset. Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone helped to jumpstart the smartphone revolution, and with it came some big innovations. The App Store, touchscreen gaming, the mass adoption of social media, and protecting user data with biometrics. Its product lineup is enmeshed in Apple’s ecosystem, and the impact that it continues to have around the globe is vast.

You can 3D print an iPhone Continuity Camera mount before the actual ones arrive

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How to change the alert sounds on your iPhone

What the EU’s new USB-C rules mean for the iPhone

Apple explains how it’s making your iPhone a full-fledged webcam for your Mac

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iOS 16 fixes annoying reaction texts in ‘green bubble’ message groups

It’s about not sending a message

Apple’s design is getting a little more human-friendly — sort of

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How to download the iOS 16 developer beta

iOS 16 lets you turn on haptic feedback for your iPhone’s keyboard

Face ID for iPhone will work in landscape in iOS 16


Apple WWDC 2022: the 16 biggest announcements

Here’s everything announced at the big event

The iPhone 6S, 7, and first-gen SE won’t get iOS 16

Live Activities is a new iOS 16 feature meant to improve notifications

iFixit uses its tools to dismantle Apple’s self-service iPhone repair tools