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Over the past ten years, Apple’s iPhone has become the company’s most valuable —and recently, somewhat volatile— asset. Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone helped to jumpstart the smartphone revolution, and with it came some big innovations. The App Store, touchscreen gaming, the mass adoption of social media, and protecting user data with biometrics. Its product lineup is enmeshed in Apple’s ecosystem, and the impact that it continues to have around the globe is vast.

How to use the iPhone’s new App Privacy Report

Apple releases iOS 15.2 with App Privacy Report, Digital Legacy, and more

iPhones will be able to give owners a detailed history of what parts were replaced

Apple and Hyatt begin rolling out hotel keys in Apple Wallet

Razer made a $60 RGB cooling fan with MagSafe for your iPhone

$60 for a stick on phone fan

Apple’s MagSafe Duo charger is down to $100 at Best Buy

Pokémon Go now runs much smoother on iPhones

Apple may have a problem with iPhone demand as well as supply

Apple reportedly switching to its own iPhone modem design in 2023

Apple’s new Self Service Repair program is an opportunity to repair relationships

Belkin’s new $150 3-in-1 charger is the first to get Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging

Rittenhouse defense requests a mistrial after iPhone Mail app compresses key video evidence

If your iPhone 12 or 13 is having issues with calls, updating iOS may help

Apple will sell you iPhone parts to fix your own phone at home

iPhone 13 DIY screen replacements don’t break Face ID in iOS 15.2 beta

Apple’s latest beta fixes macro mode confusion for iPhone 13 Pro


iPhone 13 Pro vs. Pixel 6 Pro: what 2,000 photos tell us

More photos, more problems

Netflix Games is available on your iPhone and iPad

Get ready to game

Apple backs off of breaking Face ID after DIY iPhone 13 screen replacements

iPhone 13 DIY screen replacements break Face ID unless you can microsolder

The secrets of the first real smartphone, with Dieter Bohn

Our new documentary now streaming on your TV

How to create a signature for PDF documents on an iPhone

‘Sideloading is a cyber criminal’s best friend,’ according to Apple’s software chief

You can now, technically, build your own USB-C iPhone

Tempo’s simplified smart home gym uses an iPhone to track your workouts

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How to use iPhone’s location tracking