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Over the past ten years, Apple’s iPhone has become the company’s most valuable —and recently, somewhat volatile— asset. Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone helped to jumpstart the smartphone revolution, and with it came some big innovations. The App Store, touchscreen gaming, the mass adoption of social media, and protecting user data with biometrics. Its product lineup is enmeshed in Apple’s ecosystem, and the impact that it continues to have around the globe is vast.

The iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13

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iPhone 13 review: yep, bigger batteries are better

So are bigger cameras

The iPhone 13 Pro (left) and Pro Max (right)

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iPhone 13 Pro review: a better display, the best camera, and incredible battery life

Smooth operators

The next pro iPhone might finally ditch the notch

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iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 review: foundational fixes

Apple’s latest updates lay good groundwork, but don’t add many big new features

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iPhone 13 deals are extra aggressive this year, here’s why

Hook, line, and sinker?

Apple’s seven-minute tour shows off what’s new in the iPhone 13

Here’s exactly how much bigger the iPhone 13 batteries are

The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s may be a third the size of a MacBook Air’s

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How to use iPhone’s location tracking

Make iPhone 13 preorders a one-step process on Friday by following these steps

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How to wipe your iPhone before selling it or trading it in

The iPhone 13 is a pitch-perfect iPhone 12S

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How to back up your iPhone with or without iCloud

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How to move all your data to your new iPhone

Goodbye and good riddance to Apple’s 64GB iPhones

T-Mobile is rolling out a new ‘5G UC’ icon for iPhones to tell when you have real 5G

Apple says it every year, but the iPhone 13 cameras do seem much improved

Will it be enough?

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How the iPhone 13, Mini, Pro and Max compare to Android rivals — and vs. iPhone 12

Apple’s updated leather MagSafe wallet supports Find My location tracking

Another addition to Find My

Apple drops the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone XR from its lineup


The 8 biggest announcements from Apple’s iPhone 13 event

Apple is releasing iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on September 20th

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro is the first iPhone with 1TB of storage

The iPhone 13’s new camera tricks include cinematic video and macro photography

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max announced with high refresh rate 120Hz displays

iPhone 13 and 13 Mini announced with redesigned camera array and smaller notch

Apple iPhone 13 and Apple Watch live blog: ‘California Streaming’