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Chris Evans still misses his iPhone 6S and its home button

Chris Evans still misses his iPhone 6S and its home button


Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro is just “too heavy,” says Captain America

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Chris Evans in character as Lloyd Hansen in Netflix’s The Gray Man
Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen in The Gray Man
Image: Paul Abell/Netflix

Fans of buttons can count on Captain America for support, as Chris Evans notes that even after a few weeks with a newer phone, he still prefers his old iPhone 6S and its button. The topic came up in an interview with Collider (via iMore) while doing a press tour for Netflix’s $200 million+, Russo brothers-directed spy flick The Gray Man, which he stars in along with Ryan Gosling.

Evans is far from the only person still stuck on the missing button (he and Donald Trump agree on at least one thing), which Apple swapped for a solid circle with taptic engine feedback on the iPhone 7, and eventually dropped entirely from the iPhone X onward. Evans’ other big complaint is that it’s just too heavy. Like many people who struggle with bulkier phones, the actor is uncomfortably bracing the phone with his pinky finger, and no, the recently-refreshed iPhone SE (2022) just won’t do as a replacement.

Collider reports that Evans confirmed his new phone is an iPhone 12, which the cameras show is definitely a Pro model, but not the iPhone 13 Pro we guessed it would be from the original Instagram post. The interview didn’t mention where he picked up the older model, which Apple dropped from its lineup last fall but is still readily available from other retailers and carrier stores.

It doesn’t look like Apple’s going to bring back the beloved button. Some iPhone users might be better off using AssistiveTouch to add a software-based virtual home button that you can put anywhere on your screen, and that’s not the only accessibility setting on the iPhone that could improve your mobile experience. Another option is to lean all the way in on loving iOS gesture control, but the only thing I can think of that would address the phone’s weight is if Apple adjusts its approach to the iPhone mini.