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San Francisco-based vaping company Juul has been making headlines because of its growing dominance of the electronic cigarette market and its alarming popularity with teens. We bring you coverage of Juul, its patented nicotine salts formulation, and its place in the electronic cigarette industry. That includes competition from Big Tobacco, and the Food and Drug Administration’s moves to regulate vaping, flavors, and youth access to nicotine.

FDA suspends Juul ban during appeal process

Juul’s e-cigarettes can’t be sold in the US, FDA says

Juul and the business of addiction

Bloomberg’s Lauren Etter on the rise and decline of an e-cigarette upstart

Juul settles with North Carolina in first teen vaping lawsuit

FTC sues to unwind Altria’s $12.8 billion investment in Juul

Juul co-founder James Monsees plans to leave the company

New Juul patent application hints at AI-powered vape to help users quit nicotine

Hundreds of thousands of customers complained to Juul about leaky pods

New York attorney general sues Juul for deceptive marketing

CDC announces breakthrough in vaping lung injury investigation

Trump suggests raising the vaping age to 21 ‘or so’

San Francisco proceeds with e-cigarette sales ban after decisive vote

Vaping is still on the rise in high schools

Juul suspends sale of fruity flavor pods

Vaping lung death toll hits 26 as CDC investigation continues

Nearly 1,300 lung injury cases reported

Juul halts advertising in United States, replaces CEO

Juul is under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors

CBS, Viacom, and WarnerMedia ban e-cigarette advertisements amid vaping health crisis

You can buy vapes illegally on eBay — and these senators want the practice to end

CNN will stop running Juul and other e-cigarette ads after vaping deaths

People are throwing their Juuls out windows and drenching them in water just to quit

Possible Juul link to seizures kicks off FDA investigation

The FTC is reportedly investigating Juul Labs over its marketing practices

Juul launches a Bluetooth e-cigarette that tracks how much you vape

San Francisco is set to ban Juul and other e-cigarette sales in 2020

Teen vapers are using eBay to dodge age restrictions

Why Big Tobacco and Big Vape love comparing nicotine to caffeine

Why it’s so hard to talk about e-cigarette risks

Flavored vapes draw FDA ire, with some exceptions

The FDA shakeup could stall e-cigarette regulations

A cartoon monster puffing on a Juul stars in the vaping giant’s latest lawsuit

Juul’s imitators are copying the popular vape’s high nicotine levels