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Atari VCS’s former architect returns to Kickstarter with new boardgame tablet

Libra keyboard creator says it’s in talks with Brydge over lawsuit, but Brydge says that’s not true

Brydge sues Kickstarter for selling iPad keyboard it claims is a clone

This Juul-charging phone case will tell the world you value vaping more than anything else

Kickstarter faces union backlash after firing two organizers

Genki tries to crack portable Switch docks with its new Covert Dock

MagicDock is a Surface-like dock for the iPad Pro

A portable Bluetooth cassette tape player brings retro audio into 2019

Epic Games will cover refunds of Shenmue III to protect developer after backlash

A light-up keyboard from Roli teaches you to play piano like it’s Guitar Hero

This dongle adds USB and microSD storage to your phone charger

XOXO shut down its subscription platform before it launched

New gadget asks: what if Juicero squeezed bags of soap instead?

Kickstarter will not voluntarily recognize its employee union

Kickstarter’s CEO, Perry Chen, is resigning

Kickstarter’s staff is unionizing

Is this robotic therapy pet the uncanny valley of dog?

Kickstarter takes down campaign to digitally remove the rat from The Departed due to IP dispute

Earth is dying and this couple is crowdfunding a sex button

This screen-printed poster connects to Wi-Fi and can tell you the weather

Avoid dongle hell with this 5-in-1 charging cable

This tiny turntable comes with a removable Bluetooth speaker

Mark Cuban’s hoverboard company has gone up in smoke

Why do Kickstarter products take so long to ship?

This pixel animation backpack has crossover appeal for kids and ravers

This tilting kettle will make your coffee-loving friends livid

Hug your old Mac with these retro pillows

This $133 water gun has a digital ammo counter and charges over USB-C

Award-winning artist Julie Dillon is Kickstarting a book of gorgeous sci-fi and fantasy art

The Expanse is being turned into an RPG

Put holograms in your home with The Looking Glass display

You can’t lose your headphones if they’re pinned to your earlobes