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Samsung’s new Galaxy Book laptops still look like MacBooks.

If MacBooks had a numpad. Anyway, as of Feb. 26th, Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 laptops, with Intel’s new Core Ultra CPUs, are available for purchase.

We’re looking into possibly reviewing the 2-in-1, but there’s nothing particularly exciting about them—and with the Book4 Pro starting at $1,450, most of the configurations seem overpriced. Am I disenchanted? Anyone out there actually interested in these laptops, or have questions?

A group of three silver laptops arranged in a circle against a dark gray background.
When people mention Lenovo’s transparent laptop I keep thinking of something like this.

I was not thinking of cool laptops that look like props from the next season of For All Mankind. I was thinking of a laptop where you could see straight through to the guts of the thing like this laptop intended for use in prisons.

The thread itself is a wild ride about the quest make the laptop actually usable outside. The BIOS resets the password when the power is reset, there’s a white list for hard drives, and getting it connected to USB involves significantly more than just plugging and playing.

The new Asus ROG Zephyrus G16 laptop is now available in the US.

As we saw at CES last month, Asus’ G16 and G14 latops are sleeker and thinner for 2024, featuring a new aluminum build, OLED screens, larger trackpads, and Intel Core Ultra 9 Meteor Lake chips to go with Nvidia 40-series GPUs.

The G16 price goes from $1,999.99 to $3,299.99 and it’s available directly from Asus or Best Buy. We haven’t reviewed this one yet, but hopefully, that new look hasn’t ruined this iteration of one of our most recommended gaming laptops.

Note: If you buy something from these links, we might get affiliate revenue.

15.5 million Toshiba laptop chargers are being recalled after 679 reports of overheating or catching on fire.

Dynabook Americas is recalling 15.5 million Toshiba laptop chargers sold between April 2008 and April 2014, according to the CPSC. Dynabook received 679 reports of the black AC Adapters either overheating, catching fire, melting, or burning, resulting in 43 minor burns.

You can click here to find out if your charger is among those recalled. If it is, stop using it immediately and contact Dynabook for a free replacement.

Black Toshiba AC Adapters that are being recalled
Black Toshiba AC Adapters that are being recalled
Image: Dynabook Americas
Asus’ dual-screen laptop has arrived.

Following its reveal at CES earlier this month, Asus has launched the absolutely ridiculous Zenbook Duo, which stacks one 14-inch display atop the other, giving you a whole 19.8 inches of screen along with a detachable keyboard. It’s on sale now for $1,499.99.

Image: Asus
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Framework will send us another Framework Laptop 16 — and here’s what it will fix.

We told Framework we had several different stability issues, so I was a little frustrated to see the company’s CEO suggest I only encountered one... but I’m happy to say Framework will send The Verge a final production unit with quite a list of hardware and software fixes!

The DPC_Watchdog_Violation freeze, at least, does seem to be fixed in my testing with a newer BIOS.

Google Classroom can automatically remind students about upcoming assignments.

New updates coming “soon” to Google Classroom will let teachers notify students about homework due dates right on the home screens of their Chromebooks.

Those Chromebooks should also last longer, as Google announced last year that it will provide 10 years of automatic updates to Chromebooks, but only for laptops bought in 2021 or later. That, unfortunately, doesn’t cover Chromebooks bought in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, which are now breaking down or reaching their end-of-life expiration dates.

Google Classroom new updates shows assignments on Chromebook home screens
Google Classroom assignments on Chromebook home screens
AMA: I reviewed the Framework Laptop 16, ask me anything at 12PM ET!

I am unreasonably excited about the ridiculously modular Framework Laptop 16. I did loads of testing that didn’t quite fit into my review, so... I'll answer your burning questions at 12PM ET and throughout the day, and you can begin adding 'em now! Hit that comments button and you’ll see our Q&A module.

Don't be shy: I’ve got this machine right here and am happy to quickly test and measure things for you.


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Framework Laptop 16 review: two weeks with the ultimate modular laptop

How much will you forgive for a one-of-a-kind notebook?

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Windows 11 is testing USB 80Gbps support.

The latest Windows 11 Insider build (22635.3066) for the beta channel includes “the first major update” of the USB4 standard, which enables 80Gbps performance instead of 40Gbps. Microsoft says the capability will only launch on “select” devices with the Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series chip, including the Razer Blade 18.

CES 2024: all the TVs, laptops, smart home gear, and more from the show floor

CES is the tech world’s biggest event of the year. The Verge is on the ground covering the biggest news in tech, gaming, transportation, and more.

Another day done at CES.

The show floor only just opened yesterday, but we got a glimpse at a ton of cool new products, prototypes, and features:

• Asus made a portable monitor — and a laptop — with two screens.

• Sony and Honda showed off an Afeela EV prototype that puts Fortnite on your bumper.

• Amazon announced Matter casting support for Prime Video.

Google and Samsung teamed up to combine Quick Share and Nearby Share into a single sharing solution.

• This AI startup made a little gadget that’s supposed to use your apps for you.

There’s still more to come! Stay tuned to our coverage, and make sure to check out The Verge’s TikTok and Instagram where we go hands-on with new devices.

Would you carry a foldable OLED monitor?

I would totally use the new Asus ZenScreen Fold that’s on display here at CES 2024 — if the price were right. I'd hook up my Steam Deck and work laptop. Asus did not tell me if the price was right. Any bets?

All the CES highlights so far.

Monday was quite the whirlwind! Let’s take a step back and recap all of the fun surprises:

• Apple dropped the launch date for the Vision Pro.

• Both LG and Samsung are getting into transparent TVs.

Samsung’s Ballie AI robot now doubles as a projector.

• MSI has a new Steam Deck competitor called the Claw.

Nvidia revealed its RTX 4080 Super and RTX 4070 Ti Super.

Intel and AMD showed off new chips.

• There are a lot of new laptops (and I mean a lot).

There’s still more to come! Stay tuned to The Verge for more CES coverage from the show floor.