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These days, some of tech’s most important decisions are being made inside courtrooms. Google and Facebook are fending off antitrust accusations, while patent suits determine how much control of their own products they can have. The slow fight over Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act threatens platforms like Twitter and YouTube with untold liability suits for the content they host. Gig economy companies like Uber and Airbnb are fighting for their very existence as their workers push for the protections of full-time employees. In each case, judges and juries are setting the rules about exactly how far tech companies can push the envelope and exactly how much protection everyday people have. This is where we keep track of those legal fights and the broader principles behind them. When you move fast and break things, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise when you end up in court.

Google offers small app developers $90 million to settle antitrust allegations

The biggest privacy risks in post-Roe America

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The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade

Bungie sues Destiny YouTuber for sowing chaos with fake copyright strikes

SpaceX firings likely violate US labor law, experts say

Julian Assange can be extradited to US, says UK home secretary

Wikimedia Foundation appeals Russian fine over Ukraine war articles

Twitter shareholder sues Elon Musk for tanking the company’s stock

Stellantis pleads guilty, will pay $300 million over allegations of emissions fraud

DC attorney general sues Mark Zuckerberg over Cambridge Analytica scandal

Clearview AI ordered to delete facial recognition data belonging to UK residents

US prosecutors are going after crypto sanctions evasion

A court just blew up internet law because it thinks YouTube isn’t a website

Court lets Texas restrictions on social platform content moderation take effect

Clearview AI agrees to permanent ban on selling facial recognition to private companies

Judge dismisses Donald Trump’s Twitter ban lawsuit

Sweeping legal ruling orders ISPs to block pirate sites

Nvidia pays $5.5 million for allegedly hiding how many gaming GPUs were sold to crypto miners

Apple claims startup hired employees to steal chip secrets

Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ won’t be in the Barbie movie

16 states sue to block USPS plan to buy hundreds of thousands of gas-guzzling mail trucks

Judge’s refusal to let Elon Musk out of his SEC settlement notes the limits of his right to free speech

Google, Meta, and others will have to explain their algorithms under new EU legislation

Google gives Europe a ‘reject all’ button for tracking cookies after fines from watchdogs

Airbnb to sue host of Pittsburgh party where a shooting left two dead

Tesla blames ‘turf war’ for overlapping investigations into racial bias at its factory

Judge orders Amazon to reinstate warehouse worker unlawfully fired over safety protests

Judge slashes Tesla’s payout to Black employee who alleged rampant racism

A series of patent lawsuits is challenging the history of malware detection

Cybersecurity firm Webroot claims that competitors’ software infringes on a decades-old patent

Twitter user sentenced to 150 hours of community service in UK for posting ‘offensive’ tweet

Elon Musk cites Eminem song in latest volley with the SEC

New EU law could spark gold rush of iMessage alternatives