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These days, some of tech’s most important decisions are being made inside courtrooms. Google and Facebook are fending off antitrust accusations, while patent suits determine how much control of their own products they can have. The slow fight over Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act threatens platforms like Twitter and YouTube with untold liability suits for the content they host. Gig economy companies like Uber and Airbnb are fighting for their very existence as their workers push for the protections of full-time employees. In each case, judges and juries are setting the rules about exactly how far tech companies can push the envelope and exactly how much protection everyday people have. This is where we keep track of those legal fights and the broader principles behind them. When you move fast and break things, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise when you end up in court.

Google sued by DC and three states for ‘deceptive’ Android location tracking

American Airlines suing The Points Guy over app that syncs frequent flyer data

Epic pushes to overturn App Store ruling in opening appeal brief

Tesla owner is the first to face felony charges for deadly Autopilot crash

Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai were involved in ad collusion plot, claims court filing

Judge says the FTC’s Meta monopoly lawsuit can go forward

SEC charges ‘decentralized’ Amazon Web Services competitor with scamming investors

Justice Department cracks down on Amazon sellers’ DVD price-fixing scheme

Swiss Army drops WhatsApp for homegrown messaging service, citing privacy concerns

Snap suing to trademark the word ‘spectacles’ for its smart glasses

Elizabeth Holmes found guilty of defrauding investors

The jury found she didn’t conspire to defraud patients, though

Riot Games will pay $100 million to settle discrimination lawsuit

Messy NFT drop angers infosec pioneers with unauthorized portraits

Intel apologizes to China for following US sanctions targeting Xinjiang ‘genocide’

Nikola agrees to pay $125 million to settle allegations it defrauded investors


How Silicon Valley enabled Theranos to run wild

Julian Assange can be extradited to the US, rules UK High Court

Elizabeth Holmes was always in control

All the queen’s men

Amazon fined $1.3 billion for abusing market position in Italy

Epic v. Apple ruling put on hold after appeals court grants a stay

Betting is the next battleground in sports streaming

With legalization on the rise, sports streamers see gambling as the way forward.

Elizabeth Holmes smiles on the stand as her trial nears an end

Federal court blocks Texas law banning ‘viewpoint discrimination’ on social media

Shopify has a ‘textbook pirate’ problem, publishers allege

Elizabeth Holmes admits that she was CEO of Theranos, the company she founded

‘The buck stops with you?’

Elizabeth Holmes says Theranos’ former president abused her

Roblox sues YouTuber for temporarily shutting down conference with fake terrorist threat

Elizabeth Holmes admitted to a key part of the case against her

Holmes confesses to a passion for graphic design

Elizabeth Holmes tells the jury that at least some of Theranos was real

"A success was that we had successfully achieved the objectives of the program."

In her Theranos fraud case, Elizabeth Holmes is speaking for herself

In a surprise move, Elizabeth Holmes is testifying at the Theranos fraud trial

Today, jurors got to hear Elizabeth Holmes’ lies for themselves

In her own voice