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Lenovo’s Steam Deck competitor may get a QHD plus display and a $799 pricetag.

The Lenovo Legion Go will have a 144Hz, 8.8-inch QHD plus touchscreen and can be configured up to an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme mobile gaming processor, claims Windows Report, citing a leaked press kit.

The same outlet has produced steady leaks about the Legion Go this month, including alleged pictures of the console and AR glasses to pair with it.

Lenovo ponders repairable laptops with Project Aurora.

Digital Trends got a preview of Lenovo’s Aurora design that comes apart without the use of so much as a screwdriver. The company is the latest to look towards sustainable notebook designs following the successful release of Framework’s modular laptops. They’re a DIY dream come true thanks to easy upgrades to basically any component, which as the Framework 16 now includes graphics too.

Dell also announced a similar Project Luna concept late last year.

a laptop concept illustration showing the top case removed along with he battery, keyboard, speakers, and other components splayed.
Lenovo’s Project Aurora concept.
Image: Digital Trends / Lenovo


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Lenovo’s Yoga Book 9i is for the two-screen lifestyle

The Yoga Book 9i jettisons the traditional lower laptop deck for a second touchscreen, which opens up some interesting use cases along with some compromises.

What if your charging pad just did everything?

This is the ThinkBook Wireless Dock, which you’ll be able to buy later this summer. If you happen to own a Lenovo ThinkBook, you can stick it on this pad, and not only does it charge the laptop, but it connects it to up to two 4K displays as well. The panel on the left side is a universal charger for mobile devices. I tried this out at Computex 2023, and it works impressively well.

I have a very vested interest in this kind of gadget, as someone whose deskside cable management know what, let’s not talk about it.

Unrolling Lenovo’s latest laptop and phone concepts at MWC 2023.

Just when we were getting used to foldable phones, tablets, and laptops, these concept designs suggest rollable screens are in the near future, ready to extend the view by a few more inches when you need them to, without taking up more space in your pocket or bag.

Jon Porter is at Mobile World Congress 2023 this week and can show you Lenovo’s rollable screen laptop plus its Motorola-branded rollable phone.

Give the ThinkPhone sharp corners, you cowards.

The Motorola ThinkPhone, which just got announced at CES, is a serious business phone for serious ThinkPad users. But what’s up with those rounded corners? Commit to the bit!

Close up of the lower rear case of the Motorola ThinkPhone.
Should have made the corners sharper.
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Yes, you read that right — it’s an RGB ThinkPad.

To commemorate the ThinkPad’s 30th anniversary, Lenovo has listed a limited-edition ThinkPad X1 Carbon on its website with an RGB ThinkPad logo and a package of RGB trackpoint caps that you can swap out whenever you want.

Budget shoppers, rejoice — this colorful machine can be yours for the measly price of $4,169.

X1 Carbon G10