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Lexus finally reveals its all-electric RZ 450e SUV

Lexus teases its first electric vehicle, and oh no, it’s got a steering yoke

Toyota’s electric vehicle plans are getting bigger and more expensive

The LF-Z concept shows just how far Lexus has to go in EVs

Lexus teases its first electric vehicles with a wild drone-deploying concept car

The Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept is a futuristic rose gold stunner

2017: My year in cars

Lexus says its new luxury barge will drive itself by 2020

Toyota’s billion-dollar AI research center has a new self-driving car

Get caught up in Lexus LIT IS's mesmerizing light display

Lexus covered a car with 41,999 LEDs to create the most phantasmagoric ride ever made

Someone made the Lexus 2054 from Minority Report, and you can own it

Lexus nav systems broken by 'errant' traffic and weather data

Many Lexus navigation systems bricked by over-the-air software update

The insanely gorgeous Lexus LC is getting a hybrid version

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The Lexus Problem : LC 500