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Sometimes, you just have to take action.

Like when LG releases a 27-inch suitcase TV. We got a better look at the StanByMe Go at IFA this week, but one commenter just couldn’t wait that long, and I’m so glad he didn’t.

Screenshot of Verge comment by brianb722: My preorder I made the day The Verge posted the first story on the StanbyME was delivered almost two weeks ago. Used it last weekend out by the pool with the kids and next to the living room TV to watch two college football games at once. It is indeed heavy. My 7-year-old spent maybe an hour playing the games that came pre-installed and they were pretty shallow. Kind of like what you’d get on the tablet restaurants were briefly putting onto every table.
Now you can access Amazon Luna directly from LG smart TVs.

The cloud gaming service, which offers a rotating selection of games to paid subscribers and Prime members, is now available on select LG smart TVs. You can access Luna by downloading the app on LG TVs made between 2021 and 2022, or by finding it on the home screen on TVs released in 2023.


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LG Gram Style review: a beautiful mess

I’ve never seen a laptop that looks quite like this. I’ve also never seen a laptop with its particular set of problems.

Maybe I’ve been thinking about travel all wrong.

I don’t spend a lot of time on The Points Guy or scrolling through vacation destination photos on Instagram, but what if the problem is just that I’ve been using the wrong luggage?

Give me this suitcase TV from LG and a backpack with my Xbox, and I might even rethink my no-Airbnb policy (it’s not a vacation if I have to do my own dishes).

An animation of LG’s StanbyME Go TV.
Got $30,000 for a new TV?

LG’s OLED M3 TVs, which are wireless save for a single power cord, will cost $4,999.99 in the US for the 77-inch model, $7,999.99 for 83-inches, and $29,999.99 for 97-inches. Orders are expected to open later this month, Digital Trends reports, almost eight months after we saw the 97-inch version for ourselves at CES in January.

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LG is going to support that hotel AirPlay thing.

It wasn’t the biggest announcement at WWDC this year, but Apple debuting TV AirPlay in hotels is a welcome thing, and LG announced Thursday it’ll support it on LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs later this year (via MacRumors).

When you encounter one, you’ll be able to connect and start AirPlaying TikToks or whatever by scanning a QR code on the TV.

Behold, LG’s just-announced 49-inch UltraGear gaming monitor.

You can read more about it on LG’s website. Wonder how it stacks up in practice to Samsung’s similarly-sized Odyssey G9.

LG’s 49-inch UltraGear gaming monitor.
Image: LG
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The ghost of LG Smartphone is about to peace out for good.

LG quit the smartphone business two years ago this month — only to turn around and promise three years of Android updates for its swan song handsets from 2020.

With Android 13 now rolling out to the LG Wing, the company’s final phone is getting its final update. I can’t think of a wilder phone to go out on. (BTW, here’s what happened to the Rollable.)

Nvidia’s GeForce Now 4K streaming arrives on LG 2023 TVs.

Nvidia now supports native 4K streaming through GeForce Now on LG 2023 smart TVs like the OLED B3, C3, and G3. Up until now 4K GeForce Now streaming was only available on some Samsung TVs with an Ultimate subscription. LG’s 2021 and 2022 models are limited to 1080p. Bandai Namco is also adding the Little Nightmares games to GeForce Now today if you’re looking for something to play.

LG’s 2023 smart TVs can now access 4K streams on GeForce Now.
LG’s 2023 smart TVs can now access 4K streams on GeForce Now.
Image: Nvidia
Party speaker season is upon us.

LG’s latest party speaker, the beefy XBoom XL7, is now available for $599.99. You’re getting a 250-watt system with 20 hours of battery life, an 8-inch woofer, and IPX4 water resistance. It’s got the built-in telescoping handle and wheels for keeping the party moving. Karaoke mode? Obviously.

But the real draw, as usual, is all the customizable lighting. The woofer ring lights up, but that’s old hat. This thing does text and even full-on animations. I challenge someone to get The Verge logo on there.

Your move, Sony.

Your fridge company now offers travel advice.

LG “highly recommends” you visit Rome and NYC because they “reflect the brand’s embrace of art and tech while delivering unique value to visitors.” Sure.

What’s next, Samsung offering fashion advice? Oh, right!