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Linux is a free and open source operating system. Linux is hidden away inside billions of consumer devices — everything from Android phones to smart toasters — and most servers run it, but it's also a desktop operating system you can use for any kind of computer task. We cover the big news about major distros like Ubuntu and Mint, computers that run Linux out of the box, hacker boards like Raspberry Pi, and the latest moves by Microsoft to integrate Ubuntu into Windows 10.

Inscryption, the delightfully unsettling card-battling roguelike, comes to Mac and Linux


Watch The Verge’s Steam Deck review

Nvidia’s DLSS has come to Linux gaming (but not the Steam Deck obviously)

Nvidia and Valve are bringing DLSS to Linux

Chrome OS’s Linux app support is leaving beta

How a university got itself banned from the Linux kernel

University of Minnesota banned from contributing to Linux kernel

Microsoft enables Linux GUI apps on Windows 10 for developers

Richard Stallman returns to the Free Software Foundation after resigning in 2019

Linux has been ported to run on Apple’s M1 Macs

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How to switch an old Windows laptop to Linux

Raspberry Pi made a cheaper version of its most powerful PC

Linus Torvalds returns to Linux development with new code of conduct in place

With Linux’s founder stepping back, will the community change its culture?

Linux apps on Chrome OS coming to 18 more Chromebooks

Samsung’s Chromebook Plus now supports Linux apps

The new Raspberry Pi has 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2

Hackers have turned the Nintendo Switch into a functional Linux tablet

Intel’s Spectre fixes are ‘complete and utter garbage,’ says Linux inventor

Intel’s processors have a security bug and the fix could slow down PCs

How to set up a Pixelbook for programming

Huawei’s HiKey 960 is a high-end alternative to the Raspberry Pi

Ubuntu abandons its phone efforts, will switch back to GNOME

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Favorite desktop environment on Linux?

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Linux pioneer Munich poised to ditch open source and return to Windows

Wine 2.0 is out, ready to disappoint you once again

Would you pay $800 for a Linux laptop?

Endless is bringing its cheap, user-friendly Linux PCs to the US

Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation, 15 years after Ballmer called it 'cancer'

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Switched to Linux......Now What?

Nintendo makes its NES emulator the same way everyone else does

Microsoft really does love Linux