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Linux is a free and open source operating system. Linux is hidden away inside billions of consumer devices — everything from Android phones to smart toasters — and most servers run it, but it's also a desktop operating system you can use for any kind of computer task. We cover the big news about major distros like Ubuntu and Mint, computers that run Linux out of the box, hacker boards like Raspberry Pi, and the latest moves by Microsoft to integrate Ubuntu into Windows 10.

Imagine never formatting a flash drive to make it bootable again.

Today I learned about Ventoy, which makes an entire USB drive bootable — then, you just drag and drop ISOs to it!

I now have Win 11, Win 10, Arch Linux and HoloISO on a single stick, which shows up as a single drive with plenty of space for regular files, too. I might never use the dependable Rufus again.