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It might not get the same kind of attention as Google and Apple, but Microsoft is still one of the biggest and most powerful tech companies operating today. It runs Azure, one of the biggest cloud computing services, and maintains Windows 11 and the whole Office suite of software. It also makes plenty of Surface hardware and has a whole slew of gaming products, including the Xbox Series X. But the company is ever expanding — building new hardware, acquiring new game studios, and making sure that even if Microsoft doesn't run your phone, it can touch plenty of the apps on it.

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Microsoft reaches 10-year deal with Nintendo for Call of Duty

Microsoft is also committing to keep Call of Duty on Steam as it puts the pressure on Sony to accept a similar 10-year deal. The concession could help ease concerns from regulators over Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquistion.

Tom WarrenDec 7

Microsoft Teams adds free communities feature to take on Facebook and Discord

Microsoft is taking the best parts of Teams and packaging them up for groups and communities to use freely.

Tom WarrenDec 7