Nokia suspends Lumia 2520 tablet sales due to electric shock risk

Nokia has suspended sales of its Lumia 2520 tablet in the UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, and Switzerland after discovering a fault with its charger. Around 30,000 users are affected, and Nokia is recommending anyone who owns the specific charger (AC-300) to stop using it immediately.

The issue stems from the plastic cover of the charger's plug, which "could come loose and...

Microsoft gives Bing users a taste of its Cortana personal assistant

Microsoft's personal assistant Cortana was designed to make Windows Phone smarter and more helpful, but its features won't be limited to smartphones. Today the company announced that Bing now offers some of the same features that make Windows Phone 8.1 feel more "personal." New cards that appear on Bing's homepage will track news headlines, local weather, flight status, and stock performance based on your preferences. And that's just the start; Microsoft says there's "more to come" in the company's continued effort to "help you keep track of things that matter to you."

Bing is the underlying technology behind Cortana brains, so it's no surprise to see Microsoft taking advantage of all that it's learned — "through years of machine learning and big data experience doing web search" — to spread that personalization across its services. Once users select their interests, they'll receive relevant notifications "on most modern Windows devices" and across several Bing-powered...

Personalized cards for news, weather, and more

Steve Ballmer made the decision to ship Office for iPad

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave the go-ahead to ship Office for iPad, according to the team behind the app. That dispels earlier rumors that claimed Ballmer was intentionally holding back a touch-friendly version of Office for Apple's tablet in favor of bringing it to...

Google uses death of Windows XP to push Chromebooks on businesses

Microsoft ends support for Windows XP today, and Google is using the opportunity to promote Chrome OS as a replacement. It's beginning to offer a number of discounts on its Chromebooks for Business program that will run through the end of June, with hopes that businesses finally being forced to switch away from the classic operating system will look to Chromebooks instead of new PCs to replace it. It's a small gesture by Google — just a $100 or so discount — but it underscores the...

The most hated browser in the world is finally dead

After the release of Windows XP in 2001 and for a few years that followed, Internet Explorer 6 was the biggest, most important browser in the world. And for longer, it has been the buggy browser that's overstayed its welcome. Microsoft announced...


Microsoft is finally catching up to the future

"We started out as a company that was focused on developers…we’re again in that era now," proclaimed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on stage at the company’s Build conference last week. The stakes are high: long renowned for its great...

'Game of Thrones' season premiere will stream on Xbox and cable after HBO Go falters

After another night full of problems for HBO Go customers, HBO will allow Xbox users to view the season four premiere of Game of Thrones starting tomorrow through April 14th. The episode will be made available through Xbox Video, so Xbox One owners won't be left out. (HBO Go hasn't yet been released for Microsoft's latest console.) Cable customers will also be able to watch the kickoff of Game of Thrones' fourth season through their provider's...

Microsoft announces professional-grade Skype TX for broadcast industry

Skype has been an essential tool in the production of podcasts and newscasts for years, and today Microsoft has announced a professional-grade version of the app designed specifically for the media industry. It's called Skype TX and is intended to be used in studio environments; you won't be using this to record a podcast in your bedroom. Skype TX is described as an "easy-to-use hardware and software combination that allows Skype video calls...

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