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The most popular operating system in the world, Microsoft’s Windows is the software that powers hundreds of millions of PCs. Introduced back in November 1985, Windows has changed and evolved over time to grow as gaming, design, development, and productivity needs have shifted. Whether XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or, most recently, Windows 11, Microsoft’s OS is one of the most important pieces of software ever made.

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Don’t wait to install the June Windows update — it fixes a major security bug

Windows 11 rolls out a test build with tabs in File Explorer

Dell’s new XPS 13 adds Alder Lake CPUs, but this is more than just a spec bump

You can now install Windows 11’s next big update a little early

Windows 11 is getting an easy way to restore apps to a new PC

Microsoft will support third-party Windows 11 widgets later this year

Microsoft is testing Android 12.1 and other improvements for Windows 11

Microsoft tests Windows 11 desktop widgets with web search bar

The Steam Deck finally has Windows audio drivers

Lenovo Yoga 9i review: friendly, fun, and well-rounded

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How to use Edge’s tools to protect your privacy while browsing

New Windows 11 controller shortcut is a simpler way to launch recent games

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Windows 11 basics: how to uninstall apps

Windows 11 basics: how to use System Restore to go back in time

Windows 11 basics: how to personalize your wallpaper and lock screen

How to type special characters on a Windows 11 PC

Microsoft rides the cloud, Office and Windows to sustained growth in Q3 2022

Dell’s Latitude 9330 has a touchpad with Stream Deck buttons

Microsoft is finally adding Teams to its own store

Asus drops two OLED Zenbooks and a new logo

How to reset your Windows 11 system

How to change (or eliminate) your Windows 11 sign-in

How to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10

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How to take screenshots on your Windows 11 PC

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How to put the Windows 11 Start menu back where it belongs

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How to pause and disable Windows 11 updates

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 Pro review: big screen for the mainstream

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How to use Focus assist in Windows 11

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How to change your default browser in Windows 11

How to flip your monitor from landscape to portrait

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How to check your Android phone’s notifications on a Windows PC