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Microsoft’s Xbox has been around since 2001, and over that time the gaming brand has given us huge hits like Halo, Gears of War, Forza, and more. Today, the Xbox brand covers consoles like the Xbox One, PC gaming, and has even expanded to other platforms. You can play Minecraft on everything from a computer to an iPhone to a Nintendo Switch. Along the way, Microsoft has pioneered modern services like Xbox Live and Game Pass, introducing new ways to play games. And with Project Scarlett on the horizon, the Xbox looks to have a bright future.

Xbox Series X mini fridge preorders begin on October 19th for $99.99

Xbox and chill is coming this holiday

Halo Infinite multiplayer feels like an exciting return to form

We couldn’t get enough

Quake remaster is now 4K 120fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

8BitDo’s very good Pro 2 controller is getting an Xbox version soon

8BitDo’s Xbox media remotes are cute and cheap

Microsoft is releasing a translucent controller for Xbox’s 20th birthday

How Alan Wake Remastered strikes a balance between new and old

Microsoft Kinect is back, thanks to Sky’s new all-in-one TVs

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now fully powered by faster Xbox Series X hardware

Adidas is making Xbox sneakers

Now all of Battlefield 2042’s next-gen digital editions include cross-gen access

Microsoft’s new Xbox web store integrates Xbox Cloud Gaming and wish lists

Destiny 2 arrives on Xbox Game Pass for PC on October 12th

Apple’s excellent AirPods Max are $80 off at Woot right now

Xbox is making it easier to find accessible games in its stores

Xbox Cloud Gaming launches in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan

Xbox chief warns console supply constraints will last into 2022

Microsoft starts testing xCloud integration on Xbox consoles

Dolby Vision gaming launches first on Xbox Series X and S

Xbox gets a new Edge browser that can play Stadia games, access Discord, and more

The Halo-themed Xbox Series X and PS5 are now available through Walmart (update: 9PM ET)

The PS5 and Xbox Series X will be available in store at Best Buy tomorrow

One of our favorite gaming laptops is $330 off at Dell today

xCloud and Xbox Remote Play are officially available on Windows

The next Halo Infinite multiplayer preview will be available to everyone on September 24th

Microsoft will let you control an Xbox with a TV remote soon

Microsoft’s new Xbox controller firmware lets you quickly switch between paired devices

Alan Wake Remastered is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Top Gun expansion also delayed to 2022

CD Projekt Red is targeting late-2021 release dates for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3’s next-gen upgrades

Xbox engineer fixes user’s profile picture, makes the world a better place

Microsoft announces $549 Halo-themed Xbox Series X console