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Nokia 800 Windows Phone ads leak, evoke the Sea Ray

Nokia 800 Ads
Nokia 800 Ads

Two print ads for the Nokia 800 have leaked to PocketNow, showing a device that looks to be identical to the Sea Ray smartphone we've seen before. Assuming the ads turn out to be genuine, they still don't show much beyond Nokia's intention to brand Windows Phone as a platform that works well with photos and social media. It's also worth noting that there are subtle differences in the renders of the phones in the two ads we see here — specifically in the size and positioning of the bezel. Still, there's enough consistency between the ads and with the earlier looks at the Nokia Sea Ray to believe these aren't total fakes.

In addition, "Nokia 800" as a device name makes a lot of sense in the wake of Nokia's new number-based naming strategy for phones. The "800" number would put it near to top of Nokia's 2011 Windows Phone lineup, a position that might seem dubious given that the rumored specs for the Sea Ray are similar to the MeeGo-toting Nokia N9. However, the current Windows Phone limitations on processors and screen size do help explain that positioning, at least in the short term.

Meanwhile, tracking the 800 amongst the many code names that are now floating out of Nokia is becoming an almost Android-esque proposition. The Nokia 800 is likely the Sea Ray, but the the name "Lumia" has also been bandied about for the same device in recent weeks. In addition, you can also toss in Nokia Sabre, Ace, and Sun into the mix as other device codenames we're currently tracking.

Hopefully all will become clear on October 26th, when we'll be live at Nokia World. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has promised the company would ship Windows Phones this year and these ads make the Nokia 800 seem very likely.