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Windows Phone Mango update now available for 50 percent of eligible users

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mango review
mango review

The Windows Phone Mango update was released just under a week ago, but even if your phone was on the update list, you may not have received the update notice by now. If so, it's time to give it another check, because Microsoft has accelerated the rollout to "50 percent of eligible customers." To see if you're one of those customers, jump into settings and tap "phone update."

Microsoft says that it's still collecting data from some smaller carriers before it blasts out the rest of the updates, so for now it's purely the luck of the draw if you get the notice. Not interested in waiting around for your number to come up? No worries, the method for "tricking" your desktop Zune software for the update still appears to work and will allow you to get Mango with a little trial and error.

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