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HTC firmware updates bring Internet Sharing to HD7, Mozart, and Radar — in some regions

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HTC is in the midst of issuing a series of updates to older Windows Phone handsets to enable internet sharing. The HD7, Mozart and Radar all reportedly have seen the update, at least in some regions.


HTC is in the midst of issuing a series of firmware updates that bring Windows Phone 7.5’s internet sharing (read: tethering) to its HD7, Mozart, and Radar handsets — at least for customers in some regions. HTC had been unable to deliver support for internet sharing in time for its September Mango updates, however for owners of the above mentioned models in some regions the wait is finally over. Reports of internet sharing updates to the HD7 and Mozart have been coming in from such countries as India, Switzerland and Poland, while the first reports of the update for the Radar are just trickling out of the Netherlands.

Internet sharing permits up to five devices to share the handset’s IP connection, allowing the phone to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot. In order to start up internet sharing once it’s installed, simply head to the internet sharing tab in the system settings pane and turn it on. Internet sharing is still dependent on carrier support, of course, and users will definitely want to check with their wireless provider to determine how shared data is billed before firing the new feature up for the first time.