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Nokia Drive XAP leaked, works on HTC and Samsung WP7 devices

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The XAP for Nokia's flagship Drive navigation app has made it into the wild — and it runs on all Mango Windows Phone devices.

Nokia Drive running on a Samsung Focus
Nokia Drive running on a Samsung Focus

Earlier this month enterprising developers ported Nokia's flagship Drive navigation app to the Samsung Omnia 7, but the XAP file itself never surfaced. Now the app's out of the bag: according to WMPowerUser, a version that is confirmed to run on HTC and Samsung Windows Phone devices is in the wild. Nokia has been counting on Drive, which offers voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation and offline access to its library of maps, to be a key differentiator in separating the Lumia 710 and 800 from the rest of the Windows Phone pack. While it's unlikely that everyday users will actually go to the trouble of tracking down and sideloading the app, the leak is nevertheless an embarrassing black eye for Nokia, who is just beginning to attempt a Windows Phone-fueled comeback. The file is spreading rapidly across the internet should you be inclined to give it a spin. In the meantime, check out the video below to see Drive in action on a Samsung Focus.