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Samsung PixelSense LCD panels for Microsoft Surface hit mass production

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Samsung has begun mass production of its 40-inch PixelSense multitouch LCD panels, which form the base of the SUR40 Microsoft Surface table.

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Samsung has begun large-scale production of the 40-inch LCD panel from the upcoming SUR40 Microsoft Surface table. The panel can track up to 50 points of touch with Microsoft's built-in PixelSense optical sensor, letting users paint the screen, put together a jigsaw puzzle, or scan documents placed on it, but the SUR40 has been slow to market and remains prohibitively expensive. However, with Samsung accepting table pre-orders for January delivery and screen production now ramping up, it looks like we may finally be moving towards seeing a consumer Surface table become a reality. Looking beyond the Surface, Samsung has also hinted that it's looking for new applications of the panels, and wants to "take the lead" in the touch display market.

Check out the video below, which explains a bit more about how PixelSense works.