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Microsoft won't be grounded in the race to the cloud

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Wired spoke about Microsoft's dedication to the cloud with the head of the company's Office division Kurt DelBene and Satya Nadella, who runs the Server and Tools division. The two affirmed that the company is indeed serious about the cloud.

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Microsoft offices stock image
Microsoft offices stock image

Microsoft's been proclaiming its dedication to the cloud for a while now, and Wired sat down with the Office division head Kurt DelBene and the Server and Tools division chief Satya Nadella to talk about that vision. The importance of the cloud is not lost on the two engineers — who say it's "the way the world is moving" — but how are they bringing the tools we use every day into the cloud?

DelBene and Nadella are doing what they can to further develop established products like the online productivity suite Office 365 and the cloud application development platform Windows Azure respectively, a task that requires balancing the company's current dominance in locally-run software with the push toward cloud-based services. Despite walking that tightrope, the two feel like Microsoft is in a good position — after all, the rest of the world is trying to make the same transition. Check out Wired for the full story, including why Microsoft feels its combination of local software and web apps offers greater flexibility than Google.