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Windows Phone roadmap leak points to Tango release in Q2 2012, Apollo in Q4

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An alleged roadmap indicates that Windows Phone Tango will arrive in Q2 of 2012, and Apollo in Q4.

Now that every Windows Phone out there is upgradable to Mango, Microsoft appears to be pushing ahead with Tango and Apollo, the next two versions of the software. WMPoweruser has obtained an alleged roadmap that indicates the Tango update will arrive in Q2 of 2012, and Apollo in Q4.

The roadmap is said to be "up to date as of October 2011," implying that Microsoft’s plans may have changed since it was put together. The Mango update is listed as a Q4 2011 release, whereas its distribution began in September. It appears to form part of an internal presentation but it's not clear whether the dates indicate availability to end users or device manufacturers.

Tango is expected to be designed for "products with the best prices," and Apollo will allegedly introduce "competitive superphones" and include a business focus. The information matches Microsoft’s plans to allow OEMs, like Nokia, to push device price points lower by supporting new chipsets. Nokia VP Michael Halbherr previously revealed that Apollo would land in mid-2012 and include NFC support.

Microsoft is evidently preparing to build on the solid foundations of Mango. With CES on the horizon and news of Nokia's LTE plans, we can't help but feel that the pair will demonstrate their Tango plans a little earlier than Q2 2012.