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HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel LTE Windows Phones on the way

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HTC and Samsung are both preparing LTE Windows Phone devices, expected to be made available in early 2012.


We've learned from people familiar with Microsoft's plans that HTC and Samsung are preparing new LTE-equipped Windows Phone devices. Both handsets will feature a pre-Tango version of Windows Phone that includes LTE support. HTC's 4G LTE Windows Phone is currently codenamed Radiant. This isn't the first time the codename has been mentioned, it was previously spotted running a post-Mango build of Windows Phone, originally thought to be codenamed Tango.

Samsung's 4G LTE phone will feature a large screen according to our source, pushing it beyond the 4.3-inch Samsung Focus S. The device is codenamed Mandel. Both handsets are expected to be made available in early 2012 alongside Nokia's LTE Windows Phone.

Microsoft has made no secret of its Windows Phone LTE plans and Verizon is clearly itching for a device. While we may not see the HTC and Samsung LTE devices in time for CES, February's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona looks like a good launch platform for them and any further additions to the Windows Phone stable.