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Microsoft pushes its own Notebook Cooling Base, priced at $29.95 (updated)

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Microsoft announces Notebook Cooling Base priced at $29.95

Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base
Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base

Microsoft has unveiled its latest hardware product, a Notebook Cooling Base. Microsoft's first entry into laptop coolers, like many of its rivals, supports a variety of notebooks and offers an extra way to cool systems. The center of the device features a cooling channel that directs heat away from your precious hardware. Microsoft's bonus features include built-in height adjustment and a contoured design making it suitable for desk or lap usage.

The active cooler for laptops is USB-powered with a single-fan design and is available in black or white. Microsoft claims the cooler is compact, lightweight and can increase the lifespan and overall speed of a laptop. If you're looking to speed up your laptop there are alternative methods to accomplish that on the software side. However, if your legs are burning up then Microsoft's product page is live but no retailers have stock just yet. The Notebook Cooling Base will retail at $29.95.

Update: It appears the Notebook Cooling Base isn't as new as we thought. The unit was originally released in 2009 and Microsoft is pushing it again this week. We have updated the headline to reflect that. Apologies for any confusion.