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Acer W4 Windows Phone hands-on preview

Acer W4 Windows Phone hands-on preview

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Dear Acer: we know you just phoned this one in, okay? You're not fooling anybody. Like, this 3.6-inch WVGA screen: how much did you pay for that part? Ten cents? Oh, sure it's "pretty nice for the price," but have you ever aspired to straight-up "pretty nice"? Would that really kill you? If it's possible to die of boredom during a hands-on preview on a tradeshow floor, I think the W4 will be the culprit. Just because you have Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and those Microsoft-prescribed internals doesn't mean your design team gets to take the day off. Oh, and despite the fact that your only job in this whole affair was to make some capacitive buttons that don't suck, you didn't even succeed at that. Because the capacitive buttons suck. I suggest you click that "Read More" link and check out the hands-on shots of this phone, since you apparently didn't bother to look at it when you were rubber-stamping it out of your factory.

Editor's note: Paul is really tired, IFA 2011 has been a major ordeal for his delicate constitution, and he can't really be held responsible for anything he says right now.

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