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Microsoft Hardware celebrates 30 years, introduces two new Arc Touch Mouse colors

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Microsoft introduces two new Arc Touch mice colors to celebrate 30 years of its hardware division.

Arc Touch Mouse limited edition colors
Arc Touch Mouse limited edition colors

Microsoft Hardware is celebrating 30 years of the Microsoft Mouse this week. The company originally started work on the first Microsoft Word compatible mouse in 1982, and since then hardware has changed a lot across the technology industry, with the exception of the mouse. Mice now have additional buttons, multitouch surfaces, and crazy designs, but the basic premise of two buttons and physical movement remains a key part of computing in 2012. Multitouch screens and hardware seem like they will kill off the mouse eventually, but the ease of use and accuracy of using a mouse still appeals to people worldwide.

Microsoft is marking its 30 years of mouse work with the introduction of two new colors for its Arc Touch Mouse. Sangria Red Diamond and Cement Gray colors have been added to the mix of existing colors, and both limited edition colors are available immediately priced at $59.95.