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Nokia Lumia 800 receiving second battery update over next two weeks

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Nokia has confirmed it will roll out a Lumia 800 battery update over the next two weeks.

Nokia Lumia 800 hands-on
Nokia Lumia 800 hands-on

Nokia's second Lumia 800 battery update is rolling out over the next two weeks, the company revealed today. The Finnish handset maker originally promised a second update to resolve some battery issues on its flagship Windows Phone, identified late last year. Some Lumia 800 owners complained that they were unable to access the full battery capacity of the device, and Nokia confirmed the problem in December after issuing an original software update to address separate charging issues.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is currently rolling out an update to its core Windows Phone 7.5 operating system. Build 8107, released to some devices on January 4, includes a variety of fixes and improvements. The biggest is a fix for a disappearing keyboard issue during every day use. Nokia has not provided exact details on the software version of the update, but it's entirely possible that build 8107 could reach Lumia 800 handsets over the next two weeks too.